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How To Choose The Best EDC Bag

Choosing the best EDC bag to hold your every day carry items is an important part of your day to day preparedness. There are many brands, styles, features, and sizes of bags out there, in this article we will help you identify what of these to look for as well as what to avoid when finding the best EDC bag for you.

Step 1: Choose Your EDC Items

Whether you are new to the idea of Every Day Carry or someone who has been carrying a kit around for years take this as an opportunity to assess your EDC needs and what the minimum items are that you need to address these. We cover this in depth in our article How To Make An EDC List but we will recap here for your convenience. We will do this by performing a EDC List Review by stepping through the following questions. Continue reading How To Choose The Best EDC Bag

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CO & Smoke Alarm Buying Guide—Getting the Best CO & Smoke Alarm

Installing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms can save your life. Luckily, they’re inexpensive and easy to install.

Basic smoke alarms start at $15, with CO alarms costing $35 and up. Newer models offer more features. For example, interconnected smoke alarms communicate between devices and provide integrated, whole-house protection. Whether the alarms are hardwired or wirelessly connected, with such a system when one alarm detects smoke or CO, all of them will sound.

Continue reading CO & Smoke Alarm Buying Guide—Getting the Best CO & Smoke Alarm

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Why is My Smoke Alarm Chirpping or Beeping?

As a homeowner, you are naturally concerned about ensuring that you, your family, and your property are safe from fire. The best way to ensure this is by installing smoke alarms to detect smoke and fire as early as possible so that the fire can be put out and people moved to safety. The only drawback with this plan is the smoke alarm beeping or chirping without a cause and disturbing your sleep, alarming your children and pets, and so on.


Smoke alarms are essential to ensure that any fire in your home is detected quickly enough for it to be put out without causing extensive damage to life or property. However, a smoke alarm that keeps beeping when there is no fire can be a major irritant that alarms small children and pets and causes you to lose sleep. If any of the smoke alarms in your home is beeping or chirping at regular intervals you need to take steps to stop this. Continue reading Why is My Smoke Alarm Chirpping or Beeping?