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When users are logging on to the site to leave personally identifiable information, the content of your personal information including name, phone number, zip code and address will be collected on our website. The Bank will automatically receive and record the logging information of your browser and the server, including but not limited to your IP address, cookies in this site and your web history requirements.

We respect your privacy, we’ll keep your personal information secure. So don’t worry.

For details, you may refer to this link:  http://ibegrit.com/privacy-policy/

ibegrit.com are running normally, safe and secure.

ibegrit.com has done a number of safety precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorized use. We are using the latest security technology, including data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity, which is like keeping your PayPal and credit card information in a bank vault.

We choose the best e-commerce service and also guarantee secure payment processing in this industry.
Keep in mind that we can secure your payment completely.

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