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Thank you for your interest in the BeGrit Power User Program. Before applying, please review the program introduction.

One of our top values at BeGrit brand team is the commitment to constant improvement for our products. The Power User Program is one of the most direct ways we engage with users to learn how we can do better. With your constructive feedback and support, we can work more closely with our users to continuously manufacture better products and provide better customer experience.

As a Power User, you can sign up to receive free samples of existing and pre-release products in exchange for feedback. Power Users are responsible for providing helpful and insightful feedback to our product and customer service teams as well as reviewing products for the reference of other customers.

Try BeGrit products – share your experience with everybody – help us get it right.


What are the Program benefits?

(1) Power Users can apply for a free BeGrit product to review and up to 8 times every year (12 months from first product request). Selections will vary to reflect our product focus, but Power Users may choose according to their own interest – there is no obligation to receive or review an undesired product.
(2) Power Users also receive regular exclusive discounts on BeGrit products.

What are the Program responsibilities?

(1) Power Users are expected to test and provide detailed feedback on specified product features within one week of receiving the product.
(2) If in need of assistance, Power Users are encouraged to contact our customer support team directly.

Who is eligible to apply?

This program is not open to the public. To be eligible, you need to apply at liurs@126.com:
• Reside in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, German, or Canada. Power User Program may open to more countries in near future.
• Have an Amazon online account, and provide quality reviews.
• Have previously purchased BeGrit products.
Be an established product reviewer or tech blogger.

BeGrit Brand Team has the full rights to determine the acceptance of each applicant’s to the Power User Program.

How can I join the program?

Please complete and submit the following application form below. You will receive notification of the outcome within 3 business days.

What if I am not interested in the current product selections?

Feel free to apply now to receive future products as they become available. We tend to update product selections about once a month, relying ultimately on varying product launch schedules rather than a preset interval.
You have no obligation to review items if you’re not interested in. We will only send you products after you agree to review the products.

How will I be notified of new product selections?

If a product can be used by a wide audience, we will notify all Power Users via email. If a product has limited to certain categories, we will update the selection page in our website. Please check our website frequently.
To receive more customized updates, please indicate your preferences and interests in the comments section of your application. Also you can write email to us at liurs@126.com for your specific interest.

What will you do with my information?

Your information is used only as it relates to the Power User Program, i.e. reviewing your application, mailing you requested products. We will never sell or share this information with third parties. You can always withdraw from the program at any time.

Click Here to Become a Power User!