BeGrit 4Pcs Stainless Steel Folding Handle Outdoor Travel Camping Water Cup Coffee Mug Set


  • FOLDING HANDLES SAVE PACKING SPACE – This BeGrit Stainless Steel Travel Cup Set is unique because it has folding handles, that is why it takes little space in the backpack or in your bag. With a carrying bag, easy for outdoor storage and carry
  • SMALL VOLUME AND VERY LIGHT – This Cup Kits only 12.45 ounces, size as: 2.76 in*2.56(D*H), 3.15in*2.95in(D*H), 3.54in*3.35in(D*H), 3.94in*3.74in(D*H). It is quite little weight will not tire your hand when you drink tea, coffee or other drink
  • POLISHED FINISHING and EASY CARE – The BeGrit mug is produced of flat polished steel which ensures it easy care of the mug. After you had your drink just rinse the mug with cold or hot water and then wipe dry and it will always stay as a brand new one
  • HYGIENIC STANDARDS APPLIED – This amazing mug is made of long-life durable stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. Anticorrosion stability of the stainless steel is ensured by the fact that on the contact surface of chromium-containing alloy with the environment thin protecting layer of oxide is created which protects the alloy from the impact of environment
  • PUT OVER A FLAME – This mug set can be heated on the open fire. (WARNING!!! WHEN YOU HEAT IT, MAKE SURE THAT FIRE DOES NOT REACH THE FOLDING HANDLES than they will not be heated up¡­) It is great to have a warm soup staying outside! After you had your hot drink, thoroughly wash your mug and wipe dry the bottom of the mug, does not have dark traces which can stay after influence of the high temperature

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This BeGrit Camping Cup Kits have 4 pcs cup. It is suitable for 1-2 people.
Light, strong folding handles make this camping mug easy to hold
Very lightweight and Folding handles save more space!
Possibility to reheat your favorite drinks or food on the open fire.
Can be quite easily washed (you just need to rinse this Travel mug with cold or hot water and then wipe dry)
No metallic off-taste
Not anodized
After each use, hand washes and dry immediately with soft cloth.
To keep the exterior looking new, use a copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt.
Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents.
Do not leave your drink in the mug overnight to avoid stains.
Not dishwasher safe.
You should not use these Travel cups in a microwave.

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Weight 1.00 lbs