BeGrit Milligram Scale Digital  LCD Display Portable Pocket Gems and Jewelry Weigh Scales, 20 by 0.001g


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The BeGrit Scale is able to weigh in various measurements, making it perfect for all your weighing needs! Weighs in g., ct., dwt and gn. Whether you are weighing gold, powder, medication this scale has the right measurements for you
  • TARE FUNCTION – Scale comes with a tare function for items that are difficult to weigh and need to be placed in a container. Place your container on the scale, press the tare function and then put your items in the container
  • ACCURATE – Utilizes high precision sensor system to get an accurate reading every time! This scale has a thousandth of a gram accuracy (0.001g) so it is extremely precise
  • CALIBRATION WEIGHTS INCLUDED – Have included a tweezers and 2 Smart calibration weights. Should you notice any inaccuracies in your scale throughout your time using it, simply use these weights and follow the directions to re-calibrate it so you can continue to use your scale accurately
  • The flip-down shield protects the delicate weighing surface. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)

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The BeGrit Digital Pocket Scale is the perfect scale for weighing tasks on-the-go for all kind of items or objects such as food, gemstones, coins, jewelry, gold, silver, etc.
Precision! Manufactured with the highest grade electronic sensors, this scale provides the most accurate weight readings you can rely on.
The craftsmanship is of superior quality. It has a very high capacity of up to 20 grams and professional accuracy of 0.001g. Features four different measurement modes: g, dwt, ct, gn.
Convenience! This digital scale features convenient functions to help you while weighing. The flip-open lid is there to protect the delicate platform.
It also doubles as a weighing tray where you can place your items. The backlit LCD display will make the measurements easy to read.
Carry it with you wherever you go and won’t take up too much space. It is sleek, compact, and lightweight. The convenient tare function allows you get the net weight of a product you are weighing.
The perfect on-the-go pocket scale!


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