BeGrit Snap Cooling Towel Chilly Pad (Pack of 2) Ice Cool Bowling Fitness Yoga Towels for Travel Running Biking Hiking Gym Golf


  • Instant Cooling and Extented Duration: 5s Preparation Rinse – Wring – Snap then Enjoy for hours of Cool Pleasure, Repeat it when it gets warm
  • Best Summer Companion: Feel ice Cold and dry at the same time. Keep you Energized Sharp Hydrated Focused on what you doing
  • Super Absorption and Water Holding Capacity– Cooling while absorbing sweat without dripping water at the same time, no worry about wetting your clothes
  • Multi-Functional: Stylish and Practical perfect neck scarf or headband for outdoor sports, indoor exercise, workout, Gym, running, Golf, yoga, physical cooling for fever, heatstroke prevention
  • Light Weight and Portable:35.4 inch x 11.8 inch (L x W). Folds up into a small pack and takes up little space in your bag, easy storage. Machine Hand Washable, Simple Physical Principle “Evaporative Cooling”

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Stay cool and dry whether you are in the gym, on the field or on the go with this Perfect BeGrit Cooling Towel.
The towel is made of high quality polyester material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch.
The cloth is bigger, making it long enough to comfortably wrap the soft lint-free cloth around your neck.
When wet, the sports cooling towel becomes considerably cooler than the outside air and provides cooling relief.
Simply soak the towel in cold water and place it around your neck or over your head.
It works well at outdoor events.
The Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel is effective for hours to keep you comfortable while doing your favorite activity at home or outdoor.
1. Lightweight, refreshing;
2. Chemical free, physical cooling effect;
3. Normal temperature water and even sweat can generate cooling properties by snapping the towel;
4. Machine washable;
5. As long as fabric is soaked with water, It can activate the cooling properties by sapping the towel;
6. Instant cooling, consistent cooling effect, durable;
7. Works great and portable for sports and outdoor activities and working in hot environment. Easy to carry.
Please Note:
Do not uses bleach; it may cause damage to the fabric£»
Do not place the product in high temperature or high humidity place for a long time£»
Try the best to wring the towel out and prevent clothes to be wet;
The edge of the towel may be loosen and curl after long time usage.