BeGrit Sport Mouth Guards Protect Teeth for Basketball Football Lacrosse Boxing – Fits Any Size Mouth, Pack of 4


  • PRECISION FITTING MATERIAL: Provides optimal retention and Comfort
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Easily trimmed to comfortably fit any mouth size, adult or child 12 years or older. Each mouthguard can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes
  • Teeth Armor Technology – Provides a dentist like fit, chew resistance, and allows the athlete to talk and breathe easily for optimal athletic performance
  • MAXIMUM TEETH PROTECTION – Thick cushioning base which absorbs shock during athletic play
  • No color additives are used – Teeth Armor Sport Mouth Guards are clear in color

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The BeGrit Sport Mouth Guard designed for all athletes in contact and non contact sports
– PERFECT FIT – easily trimmed to fit any mouth size (even the smallest mouth)
– CUSTOM MOLDED – you can custom mold your mouth guard to ensure a precise fit
– BUILT TO PROTECT- durable base provides extra cushion and shock absorption
– EASILY ADAPTED – Fits a variety of teeth alignments, tooth size & mouth shape for optimal retention – secure fit locks in place